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Training Overview

Hazard identification and risk assessment plays a pivotal role regarding managing risks associated with workplace and process safety. They form the foundation for process safety management activities. Once hazards have been identified and associated risks assessed, the acceptability of the risk can be judged. It is critical that risk assessment are carried out with the relevant expertise and knowledge of process safety requirements because inaccurate assessments leads to vulnerability.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Value the importance of Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) and how it fits into business success
  • List the four pillars and 20 elements of RBPS and describe their interaction.
  • Describe an RBPS management system that supports the culture, needs, and resources of the company.
  • Apply the 20 elements of RBPS design to the workplace by utilising the accepted methods and resources.

Who should attend?

The course is for anyone who needs a thorough understanding of risk and process safety management. Specialists with some years of experience would benefit the most from the course.




Sonni Gopal
Sonni GopalFIChemE, SFIIRSM, CMIOSH, CEng., CEmv, Risk Management Specialist

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