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Training Overview

For many years, Pharma has been moving away from it’s ‘one-size fits all’ model towards a more bespoke, patient-centric model. The rise of new, highly targeted and specific medications, Biologicals and Bio-Similars has made segmentation an ever more important phenomenon for the Pharmaceutical industry. The rise of Social Media and particularly Social Listening has given rise to and even more refined basis for segmentation, that of patient (and prescriber) personas.

This 2 x half-day online Masterclass will give attendees an insight into the importance of refined segmentation for Pharmaceuticals and the Digital and other tools that can be harnessed to develop sophisticated Marketing Plans, based in Social Media to allow one-to-one and one-to-many dialogues between Pharma brands and their constituents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the case for micro-segmentation in Pharmaceuticals
  • The various types of segmentation and how they are blended into
    a sophisticated, coherent whole
  • Tools and techniques to create Prescriber and Patient Personas
  • Understand how Value is created (and destroyed)
  • Using Social Listening to uncover real needs
  • Segmentation and Loyalty, the Customer Lifetime Value
  • Social Dialogues – how to use Social Media to engage ethically with
    key stakeholders
  • Creating bespoke and compelling value propositions for each persona type
  • Using Social Dialogues for targeted launches and sales campaigns
  • Using Social Media to build brand advocacy

Who should attend?

There are a number of people who would benefit from this Masterclass, especially;

  • Pharma Brand Managers
  • Pharma Marketing Managers
  • Market Access Managers
  • Pharma Sales Managers
  • Pharma Key Account Specialists
  • Pharma Business Developers
  • Pharmaco-Economists
  • Pharma Market Researchers
  • Healthcare Supplies Marketing Professionals
  • Med Tech Marketing Executives


Frederick Robert Mills
Frederick Robert MillsMBA, B.Sc(Hons) FCIM, Global Trainer in The Customer Experience, Value Delivery, Key Account Management

Download the Agenda

Download detailed Agenda - Segmenting Pharma Markets in the Social World MasterClass