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Many women in leadership positions have achieved remarkable success in their career and yet still share that internally they still don’t feel good enough or suffer with ‘imposter syndrome’. Success, knowledge and experience do increase self-confidence and yet nothing quite reaches the deeper parts of us and the wounding at the core of our essential sense of self which is often rooted in childhood.

This workshop has been carefully put together for women in leadership roles who would like to do some inner work and gain tools and ideas of how to rebuild their authentic selfworth from the inside. The programme will be facilitated by a qualified psychotherapist and coach who understands the sensitive nature of this work and who will respect each person’s personal process. It will be a three-part process – looking back, looking at the present and looking at the future. Confidentiality will be respected throughout this event and people will be invited to share only that which they feel comfortable sharing.



Learning outcomes:
By the end of this event you will:
• Have increased self-awareness and understanding of your resilience and motivations
• Understand the roots of your self-esteem and how your childhood experience has impacted you in all areas of life
• Know your adult attachment style and how your attachment patterns have been and are re-enacted in your working relationships and personal relationships
• Know your emotional strengths and development areas and how they affect the way you interact with colleagues and family members
• Understand the impact of childhood wounding on your belief systems and and how to align your inner child, higher self and adult self for self-empowerment
• Know how to experience the goodness at the core of your authentic self and how to use that experience as a daily practice
• Gain clarity on what is a healthy secure relationship and what is unhealthy and dysfunctional in relationships both at work and at home
• Gain tools and techniques to work on your cognitive and emotional skills on a daily basis for long term results



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The Facilitator: 

Rowena Khanna is a learning and development specialist with over 20 years experience. She runs her own training company/coaching practice and has broad experience working with leadership teams and managers in both public and private sector organisations across the UK and worldwide.

Rowena has an excellent reputation as an Executive/performance coach and selected coach at the London Business School. Since 2008 Rowena has run her own business offering management development, personal development and coaching solutions. She has worked throughout the Middle East running inspirational events for over 10 years and specializes in working with diverse audiences and particularly with groups of women. Her events are fully participative with psychological depth and and lots of practical examples.


“I attended Rowena’s training on Woman in Leadership in Vienna last week and must say that it was amazing for many reasons: 1. It made me realize how important it is to have and show female role models, who have not changed to “better men” but kept their feminine approach so that other women
are encouraged to follow 2. Rowena provided a lot of insights and useful, simple models not only from her professional career as a leader but also from her experience in psychotherapy which was adding an important dimension. 3. Eventually it all came together for me in the questions of “Do I know myself well enough to lead myself?” and “Would I want to be led by me?” which build a great foundation of constant self-reflection. After all this is what makes us grow. Thank you Rowena for these two days which were over far too soon! “
Silvia (Pfeil) Imre, Head HR Slovakia & Western Europe, EMEA Partner CorSo bei Swiss Re

Another shared “I truly enjoyed the Women in Leadership event. For me it was exactly the right mix of discussions, self-reflection and observations in little try-outs and a great opportunity to share experiences with other female leaders from different industries. It was inspiring to witness Rowena’s capabilities in attuning to the audience, creating a warm and save atmosphere while setting clear boundaries and targets. A warm recommendation from my side for every female leader interested in strengthening their leadership skills and in digging deeper on gender related aspects.”
Alexandra Köppl, Director Packaging Operations bei Fresenius Kabi