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Quotations from the course

• ‘Your results and attitude require continual focus’
• ‘Leadership development brings increasing responsibility’
• ‘Strategic thinking in management and leadership is necessary’
• ‘No one is perfect but a team can be’
• ‘Organised teamwork is key to success’



A highly interactive and comprehensive executive management master class encompassing, personal skills, leadership, strategy, management, organisation and business focus. The programme will provide all the participants with the skills and insights to develop high-performance leadership, strategy and organisational issues, understand themselves and others and then to expand and capitalise on the learned skills to operate more effectively in their management teams. They will learn the importance of flexibility, focus, empathy, encouragement and a well-balanced approach and that awareness, thinking styles, problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence and cultural matters are important in guiding both yourself and others towards success, creating smart people and people smart strategies. Presented in modules over two days the programme maintains the balance between personal skills, leadership and organisational success throughout. It is informative, searching and includes several highly inter-active workshops for all the participants, who also have the opportunity to learn and discuss in case study format how other companies have been successful. This advanced programme will motivate participants to raise their own personal level of skill and understanding. It will generate the enthusiasm and the attitude to successfully utilise some new techniques and to advance and develop the competence and success of the organisation. This masterclass expands on the traditional situational leadership framework to provide real depth to your learning experience and enhance focus and skills.



Learning outcomes: 

• Learn how systematic leadership leads to ultimate success
• Adjust your style to match the development level of the team
• Make leadership a strategic responsibility and team focus an essential
• Discover the importance of empathy in guiding others to success
• Learn how to operate more effectively and efficiently in difficult times


Download detailed Agenda - Situational Leadership MasterClass



The Trainer: 

JOHN A. DAVIS is founder and managing director of Scott Davis Management, a company which has provided executive development programmes for more than twenty years. He is an outstanding facilitator, excellent strategy consultant and intelligent negotiator with extensive international operational experience, which he has linked to global marketing capabilities and technical awareness. This has been augmented by European level design, contract negotiation, procurement and manufacturing experience. Firstly with the chemical company W R Grace and then as marketing director for Swedish SKF and as managing director for the German industrial multinational F’AG.

His expertise is in designing and delivering executive management development programmes and seminars for CEO’s, senior/executive vice presidents, senior and middle management. He reports to various international company main boards both in the UK, Europe and in the UAE. A senior associate with IIR/Informa he has achieved a reputation for developing high levels of business competence and organisational skill for major companies such as Sabic, Siemens, DEWA, Etisalat, Tanmia & banks including ADCB, UNB, CBD and MasterCard latterly with organisations like the Qatar Foundation and LBL Strategies in Chicago.

His experience in the Middle East began in 1991 as a director for a major multinational industrial company. It expanded into management development in the mid-nineties when he implemented comprehensive relationship management programmes for the banks ADCB & UNB and management and leadership programmes for Etisalat & Siemens in the telecommunication industry. He has worked with IIR/Informa since 2002 developing and implementing focused competency programmes to enhance management skills on both public programmes and customised in-house courses to meet client’s specific needs.

Following his first breakthrough programme ‘Leading with Emotional Intelligence’ for Qatar Petroleum he has successfully blended performance skills with management effectiveness,
helping to expand manager insight and performance for Qtel, Mobily, Samba, ADNOC, GASCO, EQUATE and MasterCard to name a few. With a passion for helping managers in Europe, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait he has developed the programme ‘a Break Through in Personal Performance’, blending more than ten years experience of companies with a deep understanding of people skills in business and now brings a broad comprehensive course on ‘Situational Leadership’.