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Training Overview

Supply-chain management is now front and centre in the Pharma industry, as the CoVid-19 pandemic has revealed major shortcomings in response, flexibility and availability of products and materials. This training takes a strategic view of much needed improvements, tracing back to the early stages of drug development that often lead to issues in the future. It then explains how an integrated approach to the disciples of supply-chain management, across the product lifecycle, can lead to major improvements in quality, cost, and service performance. A key aspect is to provide delegates with practice in mapping and detecting pitfalls in their supply-chains, and how to implement  improvements, via a case study ‘Perfect Pills and Potions’.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how the supply-chain is formed through the development process
  • Explore the basics of the regulatory filing and how it impacts the supply chain
  • Learn how to map your current-state supply-chain with team members
  • Discover how to detect pitfalls and develop remediation plans
  • Learn how to gain stakeholder buy-in to your strategy and develop implementation plans

Who should attend?

  • VPs/Directors/Managers/Professionals in pharma and life sciences supply-chains.
  • VPs/Directors/Managers/Professionals in other sector supply-chains with an interest in pharma and life sciences.
  • Pharma and life sciences professionals across all disciplines, including CMC, Regulatory Affairs, Quality by Design (QbD), Quality Assurance, Engineering, HSE.
  • Other stakeholders in pharma and life sciences supply-chains, such as healthcare professionals (HCPs), lawyers and investors.


Hedley Rees
Hedley ReesManaging Consultant at PharmaFlow Limited

Download the Agenda

Download detailed Agenda - Strategic Supply-Chain Management for Pharma and Biologics MasterClass