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Training Overview

The global synthetic (constructive) biology market is anticipated to reach $30.3 B by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 23.6% during the last 7 years of the investigated period. Private investment in startups is increasing rapidly and added up to over $12 B in the last decade. In 2018, synthetic biology companies raised a total amount of $4.2 B, a two times increase in comparison to the previous year. Synthetic biology finds its inventory applications in several industrial sectors including healthcare, food and agri-tech, tools & services, biomaterials & green chemicals. Its impact on the biopharmaceutical industry is constantly growing enabling novel, better therapies for patients based
on gene editing, genetic and metabolic engineering, and computational design, to name a few. To de-risk the target scale operations, platform-based business models are nowadays more frequently leveraged. Emerging technologies trigger the enhancement of sustainable
production ways utilizing microbiome fermentation processes, 3D printing, automation, and AI. This masterclass will shed light on various emerging technologies arising from the synthetic/ engineering biology field. Alternative solutions to nowadays challenges, enabling swift development and commercialization of antibodies, bio-therapeutics, precision medicine and accompanying diagnostic tools will be granularly analysed based on cost reduction, innovative
business models and impact investment opportunities.

Who Should Attend?

• R&D managers, heads and directors
• (new) Business developers
• Market intelligence managers
• Product commercialization managers
• Product development strategists
• Global innovation leaders
• Global partnerships leaders


Natalia Haraszkiewicz-Birkemeier,Ph.D., MBA
Natalia Haraszkiewicz-Birkemeier,Ph.D., MBAStrategy & Business Consulting CEO BioPharma First Consultancy

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