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Training Overview

The planning, preparation and execution of a turnaround is a complex undertaking that demands an effective strategy, a high degree of control and great attention to detail. It also requires a profound understanding of the critical elements that go to make up a turnaround and the drivers and constraints that shape the event. This requires involvement of every level of the company from senior management who set the framework for the event through to the craft personnel who perform the actual work.

The shutting down and start up phases of a turnaround are critical to the success or failure of the event and as such must be planned and prepared in as much detail as the mechanical phase. The Course is the product of over 30 years of practice by turnaround professionals working in different industries in many countries around the globe and its principles are embodied in the “Model of Excellence for Turnarounds” that forms the central pillar of the workshop.

Key takeavays

• Enhance the company’s strategic Turnaround capabilities
• Improve the company’s approach to planning and scheduling
• Provide a framework for effective turnaround execution
• Highlight the unique safety requirements of turnarounds

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed to be beneficial to all individuals who interface with or are involved in the planning, preparation, execution and commissioning of Chemical Plants during and following a turnaround. It is especially useful to managers, engineers, operations, planners, schedulers, logistics coordinators, cost managers, and supervisors. It would also be of use to safety officers, inspection and engineering personnel in order to increase their level of awareness of the workings of turnaround management.


Eric Scott
Eric Scott Maintenace and Turnaround Consultant

Download the Agenda

Download detailed Agenda - Turnaround and Shutdown Management MasterClass