This is the second part of the female competencies needed to be a leader.

In addition, to know how to work as a team, women leaders build relationships with several people in different job positions from other areas, as well with externals. They know the importance communication has; networking is done as well as information goes on.

They are also persistent. They know most of the people tend to abandon an activity, a goal. They don’t. They are driven by results; fulfilling each of the commitments made. No matter what it takes, they keep what they say. And they do it, because before promising something they already know they can accomplish it.

Another important female competency is: being independent and self-confident. Women leaders trust themselves. There is no room for insecurity. They know themselves well enough to know their own capabilities, shortcomings, and potential. And this is a tough one. In a business world run by men, most women hesitate about sharing their opinion, about not fitting with all those men in the same room. It’s a mistake. Women leaders know in advance that anything that is different usually is rejected. But they know that if their opinion is based on facts, with evidence…of course, it may differ from others but it can be the trigger to help discover an answer or a solution.

So, next time you hesitate about saying your opinion, your point of view, think about this.

Women leaders know that their female competencies help them to build their own personal branding. That’s why they invest to develop them. They are aware personal branding is connected to their reputation and image and they care for it because it’s their print in this business world they are in.

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By Mónica Ramírez Chimal, Partner of Asserto RSC, Mexico City