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Some of the Learning Outcomes

This course is intended to go through the complete roadmap that leads to the immense universe of Artificial Intelligence. It starts from ground zero, a quick overview of basic statistics and data analysis, pillars upon which both “supervised” and “unsupervised” Machine Learning evolved and became at their turn the inevitable backbone for all Artificial Intelligence algorithms behind successful AI applications. In parallel to dozens of step-by-step case studies, the workshop will explore simultaneously, and under different angles, all Machine Learning algorithms applied to the famous generic must-know case study “Iris Flowers”, as well as on “Pulse”, a real healthcare data set related to hospitalized patients. This exclusive approach will allow participants to compare all solutions and adapt the exact one that fits their needs in real life.

Benefits of In-house Trainings

Get to know the Trainer

Walid Semaan
Walid Semaan Expert trainer in Data Science and AI

Walid Semaan is the founder and president of Matrix TRC “Data Science and AI Academy (certified by SAS international and partners with Abu Dhabi Business School). He graduated in engineering from Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs à Beyrouth and holds a degree in finance and marketing from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP) and an MBA from the University Paris-Dauphine-Sorbonne in Paris.

He is the creator and architect of the automated analytical Artificial Intelligence behind “Triple One Analytics“, winner of the Best Innovative ICT Project at the 2011 Arab Golden Chip Award. Walid is the trainer of all the workshops he continuously updates in parallel with the training and consulting delivered worldwide, related to research methodologies, data visualization, data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, and NLPs, as well as complete forecasting, statistical quality control, and epidemiology programs Walid joined lately GLC Europe as an expert trainer in Data Science & AI and is an expert certified trainer with Flemings – Europe and Trainergram, and in the Middle East operates for SAS, PWC Academy, MEIRC / Training PLUS Training, Etisalat Academy and Formatech. His Data Science and AI academy is certified by SAS, and partnered with Abu Dhabi Business School for post graduate programs.

In parallel, he holds thousands of hours teaching master programs at Saint Joseph University, assisting Ph.D. students in their advanced analytics and machine learning programs, and training local and international companies, to name few from hundreds: Central Bank of Lebanon (Lebanon), PWC (Dubai), SCAD (Abu Dhabi), OXY Petroleum (Oman), Government Statistics (Ajman – UAE), IPSOS (Lebanon), Dallah Hospital (KSA), Smart Dubai (Dubai), DarkMatter (Abu Dhabi), Indevco Industries (Lebanon and Egypt), Sanofi (Amsterdam).

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Who should attend?

• Researchers
• Statisticians
• Data Analysts
• Data Scientists
• Machine Learning modellers
• Deep Learning software developers
• AI practitioners
• Computer science and IT managers

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