Strengthening your Employer Brand and Long Term Talent Pipeline

This year GLC Europe organises the event, which will be an ideal opportunity to learn and discover new strategies for better employer branding. The 8th HR Minds Employer Branding Forum takes place on 28-29 September in Berlin and will focus on how to capture the best talents and become an employer of choice.

At the event Dr. Nico Rose, Vice President Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition of Bertelsmann, Europe´s premier media corporation, will talk about how growing an external talent community helps to strengthen employer brand and build a long-term talent pipeline. Besides leading a global employer branding and recruiting department at Bertelsmann, Nico is also a devoted writer and blogger: he has published more than 50 professional articles and book chapters at the intersection of Positive Psychology, leadership, and organizational culture.

We have asked Nico several questions about his presentation topic at the 8th HR Minds Employer Branding Forum and his outlook on the future of HR industry.

Could you briefly tell us about the topic you will present at the 8th HR Minds Employer Branding Forum?

Over the years, most companies have learned how to hire high potential graduates such as from career fairs and senior executives mostly via executive search firms. A common pain point is identifying and hiring exceptional early-career professional with roughly one to eight years of job experience. My presentation will elaborate on how Bertelsmann has created its own external top talent community over the past ten years using a blend of social media and live events that helps us to readily fill positions in that range of experience.

What are the major threats and issues currently faced by the HR industry?

HR is notoriously weak with regard to exploiting data and managing via KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Other functions, especially operations and marketing, will make huge leaps forward over the next years due to new possibilities in predictive analytics and other big data applications. Accordingly, the gap is getting even wider. HR needs to wake up – and catch up quickly. 

What do you see as the main industry trend for next year?

For my own area of expertise in employer branding and recruiting, I think we´re going to see some moves into the realm of personalization. As an example these days, when you go on a career website, it basically looks the same for every visitor. Accordingly, applicants have to search for relevant information. Looking at what is possible for websites such as or the Huffington Post, I think we should learn how to emulate some of those principles. How can we use freely available data so the right jobs find our applicants – not the other way around?

If you would like to personally meet Nico to discuss future HR trends and challenges in branding and recruiting, join us in Berlin for the 8th HR Minds Employer Branding Forum. We look forward to seeing many HR professionals who are passionate about building strong employer brands and getting the best employees from the talent market.

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