Operational Excellence in the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) industry is about where excellence from any organization’s assets, work process, and people align in an effort to help the organization achieve an ideal state of performance.

Operational Excellence is defined as “The systematic management of process safety, personal safety and health, the environment, reliability, and efficiency to achieve top performance.” On the other hand, Operational Excellence, in any industry, could be defined as an element of organizational leadership and organizational intelligence that focuses on meeting customers and all stakeholders’ expectations, while stressing the application of a variety of principles, systems, and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics. It drives everything organizations must do. Organization’s workforce must truly believe that incidents are preventable, and companies must have policies, processes, tools and behavioural expectations in place to assist in achieving that goal.

If you take several organizations into consideration, within HSE & Operational Excellence, you’ll find that HSE professionals are responsible for a group of diverse functions that provide leadership and services supporting the health and safety of people, physical assets, the environment, organizational communities, and organization reputation.

HSE Operational Excellence requires constant attention to countless details and to how the work is performed. Pressure to improve productivity and efficiency of organizations are increasing, and scrutiny from regulators and the public is higher than ever. As a result, some organizations are now considering moving towards enhanced operating models, that are driven by the pursuit of Operational Excellence.

Productivity, risk and cost are inextricably linked, and the key to HSE Operational Excellence is to enable everyone from the boardroom to the front line to better understand how decisions impact their part of the business. Every year high-risk industries like energy, chemicals and utilities see increasing mandates for compliance and reducing risk, yet are being pressed to drive more efficiency in their operations. European Health and Safety Management Forum scheduled to take place from 28th -29th September 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Berlin brings together Heads of Operations, HSE Professionals, to discuss and strategize how to achieve HSE Operational Excellence whilst operating in a risky environment.