Learning outcomes

Training Introduction

The training workshop is based on the book published by Routledge in the UK entitled “The Ten-Step MBA for HSE Practitioners”. This 2-Day workshop is developed to help practitioners understand better the business knowledge and skills they need to attain and practice to help them succeed further in their careers as EHS practitioners, especially if they wish to develop to successful managers and directors in a business.

By the end of this MasterClass, the participants will:

  • Understand the Business Transformation Model for HSE Practitioners
  • Appreciate the balance of skills required to transform from an HSE Practitioner to a Manager and Executive
  • Understand the 10-steps for effective transformation – Step by Step
  • Reflect on strengths and weaknesses of their own

Training Schedule

Day one

  • 08:30 Registration, Welcome Tea, Coffee, Networking

  • 09:00 Introduction

  • 10:00 Introduction for the Transformation Model for HSE practitioners

  • 10:30 Survey

  • 11:00 Tea, Coffee & Networking

  • 11:15 Survey feedback

  • 11:45 Strategy and Leadership

  • 12:45 Luncheon & Networking

  • 13:45 General Management

  • 14:45 CSR and Governance

  • 15:45 Tea, Coffee & Networking

  • 16:00 Group reflective session on strategic

  • 16:40 Conclusions of Day 1

  • 17:00 End of Day 1

Day two

  • 08:45 Tea, Coffee, Networking

  • 09:00 Recap on Day 1 and Start up Exercise

  • 09:30 Organizational behavior and HRM

  • 10:30 Tea, Coffee & Networking

  • 10:45 Economics and Finance

  • 11:45 Marketing and Brand Management

  • 12:45 Luncheon & Networking

  • 13:45 Operations Management

  • 14:45 Group Reflective Session on Cross-Functional Modules

  • 15:15 Tea, Coffee & Networking

  • 15:30 Innovation and entrepreneurship; Data Analytics and Decision Making & Interpersonal Skills

  • 17:00 Conclusions of Day 2 and the program

  • 17:30 End of Day 2

Training Program

Download detailed Agenda - MBA for HSE Practitioners MasterClass

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Get to know the Expert Trainer

Dr. Waddah S. Ghanem Al Hashmi
Dr. Waddah S. Ghanem Al HashmiBEng (Hons), DipEM, DipSM, MBA, MSc, DBA, AFIChem E, FEI, MIoD

Currently the Senior Director, Sustainability, Operational and Business Excellence for the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) in Dubai, UAE. Waddah currently overseas all the Sustainability, Environmental, CSR and Energy and Resource Management at ENOC as well as Operational and Business Excellence, Quality, IMS Certification Assurance, Innovation and Process Improvement.

He has been responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of best practices and standards for EHS Assurance, Business Excellence & Quality, Sustainability, Security and Risk Management as well as Wellness and Social Affairs and advocates the continued improvement of the company’s EHSSQ culture through his leadership of the company’s EHSSQ regional team. Waddah also oversaw the Group’s Legal Affairs as well as the development and implementation of the ENOC Group Communication Strategy to support commercial growth and strategic positioning.

He is a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Bradford School of Management – University of Bradford, has an MBA from the Bradford School of Management an MSc from the UAE University and has a BEng (Hons)in Environmental Engineering from the University of Wales, College Cardiff.

He was the Vice Chairman, Dubai Centre of Carbon Excellence “Dubai Carbon” (DCCE) PJSC (2010-2019) Appointed Member the Board, Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) – (Since 2015) an Elected Member of the Council, Energy Institute, UK (Since 2018) the Hon. Chairman, Energy Institute – Middle East Branch (Since 2017) and an Appointed Member, Emirates Environmental Group (EEG).

He has occupied many different positions and roles in his career including EHS Coordinator, Group Manager EHS Compliance, EHS Assurance Director and Executive Director EHSSQ & Corporate Affairs. He has seven international books published in Safety Management, Reflective Learning for HSE practitioners, Operational Excellence, Governance and Leadership and Business Acumen skills for HSE practitioners and a book in theology. He has published many journal and conference papers and has in the span of his career presented in more than 100 conferences and seminars in more than 10 different countries. He is appointed as an adjacent (visiting) lecturer in the Universiti Technologi Petronas (UTP), Malaysia and is on the advisory Board of the University of Modern Sciences in Dubai. He was also appointed as an advisory to the Board of the Clean Energy Business Council which is a not-for-profit professional business organization established in the UAE. He is also appointed as an external examiner for PhD defenses for the University of Petroleum and Environmental Sciences (UPES), Dehradun, India. He independently trains and consults for Evolve in his personal time.

He received the Sustainability Leader of the Year Award by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) in 2019. Dr Waddah Al Hashmi is considered one of the most influential and competent authorities in the subject areas of HSE, Operational Excellence and Sustainability, especially in the Middle East.

He is very passionate about improving the HSE standards internationally and is especially interested in improvements in HSE practitioner competence and capabilities.

Who should attend?

This workshop is mainly designed for people who work in HSE or related areas, but is very useful for those who work in technical disciplines who want to develop their business acumen skills.

  • HSE Officers & Engineers
  • Fire & Safety Officers & Engineers
  • Environmental Officers and Engineers
  • Health and Safety Practitioners
  • HSE Team Leaders
  • HSE Managers
  • HSE Directors

This is an excellent program for the development of HSE, Health and Safety, Environmental Fire Protection and Prevention and other such practitioners to management positions.

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