When it comes to ‘Engagement of Employees’ or the ‘Engagement Talent Management’, insightful or intuitive platforms developed for creating supportive work environment are important. Such environments are now being developed as digital platforms and they are keys to communicate clear goals and expectation to employees. Targets tied to larger organizational ambitions become more meaningful and effective when such things are communicated and evaluated with the help of suitable and simple digital platforms. Optimistic communication keeps employees informed and creates greater sense of worth. Intuitive platforms help in aligning performance management, 360 degree reviews, goal tracking and feedback for employee engagement.

intuitive platforms

Automating opinion collection through open communication- Suggestion boxes and team meetings are by now considered orthodox ways to collect insights. Nowadays, encourage open communication, to express ideas and perspectives through various web and mobile solutions available to help the organization improve employee engagement. Digitally ‘aware’ companies have been consistent in their focus on innovative mechanisms that address Workplace Re-imagination, from a futuristic point of view.

Employee engagement can be radically improved with the use of multiple digital platforms, which aim at the collaborative re-imagination of the ‘engaged employees’ vision. In today’s world, ‘Gamification’ is one of the biggest catchphrases currently, making certain everyday activities enjoyable to drive behavior change, by applying game mechanics. Organizations have seen the impact of using game elements to engage employees, especially when it comes to e-learning and on boarding. Intuitive platforms or in other words an ‘Enterprise Gamification’ platform can drive communication of corporate goals and objectives through web-based inductions and encourage quick completion of tasks by awarding badges.

Scheduled to be held from 1st to 2nd June 2017, the 7th HR Minds Employee Engagement Forum at large will explore and explain mobile and digital tools that have great potential to create an engaged workplace that caters to the needs and aspirations of the new workforce. The event – 7th HR Minds will be an idol forum for HR leaders to keep their diaries reserved to learn more on the ‘Digitization to Enhance Employee Engagement’.

It is only one week left until one of the most important events with the focus on Employee Engagement. You still have a chance to join us and be a part of the 7th HR Minds Employee Engagement Forum happening on 1-2 June 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!


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