Event Introduction

Our Pan – European Pension Forum is aiming to bring together all stakeholders of the pension fund industry in order to provide a great networking platform.
Participants will have the chance to get familiar with different pension systems from the through case studies presented by industry experts.
At the event, we will discuss key trends and issues that the pension funds and other institutional investors are facing right now.

Join us to get to know the answers to some emerging questions within the industry, such as: How PEPPs will contribute to completing the Capital Market Union? How Artificial Intelligence will affect the pension industry?
Speakers coming from industry associations/organizations, with governmental or academic background and industry practitioners are joining to share their experience and know-hows in the field of investments and pensions management.

See you on 17th and 18th of May, 2018 in the historical city of Prague and join us on this journey!

Hot topics

For detailed program request the agenda

Request detailed Agenda - Pan European Pensions Funds Forum

Event schedule

Day one

  • 08:30 Registration & Networking with Welcome Coffee

  • 08:50 Greeting from the Project Lead & GLC Icebreaker Session

  • 08:55 Opening Remarks from the Chair

  • 09:00 Citizenship, Financial Literacy and pension reforms in the EU

  • 09:40 European Multi-pillar Pension Systems and Policy Lessons for Serbia

  • 10:20 The new realities of Retirement Investing

  • 11:00 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 11:30 The Power of Asset Accumulation: Pension Investment and Economic Growth in Central & Eastern Europe

  • 12:10 15 years after Multi-Pillar Pension reforms in Lithuania: achievements, challenges and future perspectives

  • 12:50 Luncheon & Networking

  • 13:50 Niche Investment Strategies

  • 14:30 AI and pension industry

  • 15:10 How Pan-European Personal Pensions (PEPP) work best for European citizens?

  • 15:50 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 16:20 Xtrackers ETFs & passive investment blocks – how can pension funds benefit from the DWS passive platform

  • 17:00 Best Practice in Asset Manager Selection

  • 17:40 Closing Remarks from the Chair & Networking

  • 17:50 End of Day 1

Day two

  • 08:30 Meet, Greet & Networking with Welcome Coffee

  • 08:50 Opening Remarks from the Chair

  • 09:00 Capital Markets Union (CMU) – a critical analysis

  • 09:40 Overview and short history of regulatory developments in the Austrian pension fund system

  • 10:20 Cross border and pan-European pension funds: ongoing trends, evolutions and existing challenges

  • 11:00 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 11:30 Longevity trends

  • 12:10 OUT OF THE BOX PRESENTATION – Reforms of Pay-as-You-Go Pension Systems

  • 12:50 DB vs DC. Funded vs PAYG. Are they all the same? – A risk perspective

  • 13:30 Luncheon & Networking

  • 14:30 You will find hereafter my proposed topic for the Forum: EMIR Refit implications for pension funds

  • 15:10 Pension Reform in Kosovo

  • 15:50 Tea, Coffee, Networking & Exhibits

  • 16:20 Surviving a dramatic shortening in investment horizon and adapting to new market risks and opportunities : the case of the FRR

  • 17:00 Rotating Round Table Discussion: Pension Funds – New Dawns for the CEE Region

  • 17:40 Closing Remarks from the Chair & Farewell Networking

  • 17:50 End of Day 2

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Get to know our renowned speakers

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Vincent Derbali
Vincent DerbaliPolicy Officer
European Commission
Elsa Fornero
Elsa ForneroEconomics Professor
University of Turin
Former Minister of Labor, Social Policies and Gender Equality
Nicolas J. Firzli, LL.M.
Nicolas J. Firzli, LL.M.Director-General
World Pensions Council
Dr. Armin Kammel
Dr. Armin KammelHead of Legal & International Affairs
Vereinigung Österreichischer Investmentgesellschaften (VÖIG)
Sasa Stevanovic, MSc, FRM
Sasa Stevanovic, MSc, FRMBoard Member
Republic of Srpska Fiscal Council
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tadas Gudaitis
Tadas GudaitisCEO
József Banyár
József BanyárSenior Advisor at Central Administration
National Pension Insurance Hungary
Petar Vlaić, CFA
Petar Vlaić, CFACEO
Erste d.o.o.
Nikola Altiparmakov
Nikola AltiparmakovBoard Member
Fiscal Council
Republic of Serbia
Fausto Parente
Fausto Parente Executive Director
David Weeks
David WeeksCo-Chair
Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT
United Kingdom
Ruzhdi Morina
Ruzhdi Morina Board Member
Kosovo Pension Saving Trust
Günther Schiendl
Günther Schiendl CIO, Board Member
VBV Pensionskasse
Francesco Briganti
Francesco BrigantiSecretary General
dr. Gábor Borza
dr. Gábor BorzaMember of the Pension Committee/ Senior Consultant
Actuarial Association of Europe/ Tools4F
Albert Reiter, CFA, MBA (UCT)
Albert Reiter, CFA, MBA (UCT)Founder/CEO
e-fundresearch.com / investRFP.com
Pavel Rozsypal
Pavel RozsypalFund Management Director
APS Investments
Tomas Packa
Tomas PackaVP, Passive Sales Specialist Austria & CEE
Deutsche Asset Management
Sangita Chawla
Sangita ChawlaSenior Strategist - Global DC
United Kingdom
Olivier Rousseau
Olivier RousseauExecutive Director
Fonds de Reserve pour les Retraites

Our advisors help us to create a unique event

Patrick Pearson
Patrick PearsonHead of Financial Market Infrastructure and Derivatives
European Commission
Előd Takáts
Előd TakátsSenior Economist
Bank for International Settlements
Nicolas J. Firzli, LL.M.
Nicolas J. Firzli, LL.M.Director-General
World Pensions Council
Dr. Armin Kammel
Dr. Armin KammelHead of Legal & International Affairs
Vereinigung Österreichischer Investmentgesellschaften (VÖIG)
Sasa Stevanovic, MSc, FRM
Sasa Stevanovic, MSc, FRMBoard Member
Republic of Srpska Fiscal Council
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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CEOs, Board Members, Managing Directors/Vice Presidents/Heads/
Directors/Managers/Advisors/Specialists/Consultants of;

  • Fund
  • Portfolio
  • Pension Fund
  • Private Pensions System
  • Administration
  • Pension Fund Trustees
  • Equity and Fixed Income
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset/Liability
  • Treasury and Capital Markets

Furthermore chief economists, private bankers, investment
advisors, treasurers

  • Corporate pension funds and group retirement plans
  • Industry-wide multi-employer pension funds
  • Life insurance and pensions insurance companies
  • Professional multi-employer pension funds
  • Public sector pension funds
  • Sovereign reserve and buffer funds
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance Companies
  • Fund Management
  • Public Institutions
  • Industry Associations
  • Consultants
  • Advisory Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Governmental Bodies
  • Universities

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The client has the right to cancel his/her registration in the event.
There is a 50% liability on all conference registrations once made, whether the booking was made through our website or via e–mail/ telephone/ fax.
If the client cancels with more than 8 weeks’s advance notice, GLC shall be entitled to an amount equivalent to 50% of the conference fee and 16 EUR administration charge. In case the client has already made his/her payment, this will be deducted from the conference fee GLC has already received and the remainder will be refunded. If no conference fee has been received prior to the cancellation request, GLC will issue an invoice for the cancellation fee (the amount equivalent to 50% of the conference fee and 16 EUR administration charge), which the client must pay immediately upon receipt. No refunds are available for cancellations received with 8 week’s (or less) advance notice or in case the client fails to attend the conference. In these cases, the full amount of the conference fee must be paid.
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Our hospitality partners usually have options available for parking places, however it can change from event to event. If you would like to receive more information on parking please e-mail our colleague susanna.juhasz[at]glceurope.com.
We provide a conference documentation pack which includes: conference agenda, notes pages and attendee information. Soft copies of some of the presentation are available on USB-flash-drives for each delegate. You may bring your laptop, tablet or other mobile device so you are able to review the presentations while they are being presented. Free Wi-Fi will be provided and outlets will be available for recharging computers, mobile devices and phones. We highly recommend you to bring along your business cards and a desire to learn from some of the industry’s leading experts.
The dress code is business casual. Feel free to leave the suits and ties at home this time. We do suggest you bring a sweater or dress in layers, as the conference room temperature may fluctuate.
Any of our staff members at the event will be delighted to help you. You can contact us for free via WhatsApp or Viber or any time over the phone or via e-mail or post.
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  2. Make a case for yourself
    When you ask for budget, you should be prepared with specific details and explanations about what is in it for the company and you’re superior. If you go into a meeting and just say, “I want to get budget for a conference,” it’s likely that your request won’t be taken seriously. If you want to plan ahead, then you should be prepared to explain the following points:
    1. Start by stating your accomplishments
    2. Show that you’re ready for more responsibility and eager to learn
    3. Describe:
    a) How this event will increase your productivity?
    b) How you will need less supervision
    c) How you can bring back the knowledge to the company
    4. Follow up
You might find free to attend events which are usually organized by a solution/service provider within the industry. Unlike at free to attend events, on a paid event you will find more diverse industry knowledge rather than presentations related to services or solutions.
In case you cannot attend for both days, you can always attend for just 1 day of the event. In this case we will send you all presentations of the 2 days. The participation fee is 70% of the original investment. In case you would like to attend the event for just 1 day please contact us on booking[at]glceurope.com
In case you are busy on 1 of the days, you certainly can split the 2 day conference with one of your colleague. All you need to do is send us an e-mail to booking[at]glceurope.com
We understand that not all senior-level professionals might be available on the dates. As the event is an annual event, most of the attendees try to postpone their engagements or send a small group from their teams to benefit from the conference.

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