Is your business prepared for the worst case scenarios?

The current challenge that businesses are facing should by no means be underestimated. Companies need to be able to adapt and take the necessary steps to avoid potential risks, while at the same time continue to operate smoothly.

  • Has the crisis impacted your business?
  • Do you have a business continuity management (BCM) framework in place?
  • Are you actively evaluating your business continuity plan?
  • Do you have an effective incident response plan?
  • Are the right people involved and do they have the required skills, authority, and experience?
  • Are the procedures manageable?

This training will help by providing the tools necessary to effectively plan for a pandemic.

Some of the Learning Outcomes

Course Objective

By the end of the course:

  • You will establish a Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework
  • You will develop the skills to effectively plan for a pandemic
  • You will understand the actions to be taken to recover from an incident
  • You will understand the actions to be taken to minimize disruption
  • You will understand how to use risk management tools and threat assessment tools to identify and quantify risks to business operations

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Download the Agenda - Planning for Pandemics Threats: Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Who should attend?

This program is designed by keeping in mind a wide range of stakeholders of a Company who wishes to raise their Pandemic Awareness and minimize disruption in the day to day operation.

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