Course Introduction

The Institute of Internal Auditors in a professional guidance statement stated the following:-

‘Internal Audit are being asked to provide much greater assurance to Senior Management than ever before. The Institute believes that the only way to provide such objective assurance is by means of risk-based auditing’.

Audit functions that are able to focus their efforts towards the significant risk in their organizations are able to concentrate their limited resources on the issues which drive business goals and aspirations. In consequence, audit plans are directed at the issues, which really matter.

This course provides all the latest developments. The 2019 course features a case study on the step by step approach to a risk-based audit.

Furthermore, a participative approach whereby auditors and managers work together to identify, assess and control business risks significantly enhances the level of assurance and reduces the chances of nasty surprises – a huge benefit to most organizations.

After completing this course you will be able to:

• Fully implement the RBA approach
• Advise management better on the methods of Identification, mitigation and control of risks
• Challenge management and sell the benefits of proactive risk management
• Audit major areas of risk for your business with confidence
• Add value to your organization by the application of risk-based audit services
• Deliver more effective audit plans through developing the appreciation of risk
• Plan risk based assignments efficiently and effectively
• Measure success more effectively
• Participants will get a copy of the best seller Risk Based Auditing by Phil Griffiths.

CPE credits
Participants can earn up to 14 CPE credits ( 10 in the Auditing field of study and 4 in the Management Advisory Services field of study)

Training Schedule

Day one

  • 08:30 Registration, Welcome Coffee

  • Benefits and drawbacks of RBA

  • 09:00 Taking RBA to the next level – Part 1

  • 10:30 Tea, Coffee, Networking

  • 10:45 Taking RBA to the next level – Part 2

  • 12:30 Luncheon

  • New challenges for Internal Audit

  • 13:30 Strategic Audit Planning

  • 15:00 Tea, Coffee, Networking

  • Developing a strategic audit Plan
    using the model

  • 15:15 RBA Assignment considerations

  • 16:45 RBA Assignment considerations

  • 17:30 CLOSE OF DAY 1

Day two

  • 8:30 Tea, Coffee, Networking

  • 9:00 Planning a Risk based audit

  • 10:30 Tea, Coffee, Networking

  • 10:45 The Risk Based Audit step by step – Part 1

  • 12:30 Luncheon

  • 13:30 The Risk Based Audit step by step – Part 2

  • 15:00 Tea, Coffee, Networking

  • The RBA in practice – using audits
    selected by the delegates

  • 15:15 The RBA deliverables

  • The RBA deliverables

  • 16:15 The Converging Roles of the Assurance

  • 17:15 Coordinating your efforts with other
    assurance providers

  • 18:00 CLOSE OF DAY 2

Training Program

Request detailed Agenda - Risk Based Auditing MasterClass

Book now: +36 1 848 0560

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Get to know the Expert Trainer

Phil Griffiths
Phil GriffithsManaging Director
Business Risk Management Ltd
United Kingdom

Phil Griffiths is founder and CEO of Business Risk Management Ltd, A Chartered Accountant and an Associate of the Institute of Internal Auditors, he has over 30 years’ experience in risk management, internal audit and fraud prevention as practitioner, professional adviser, facilitator and trainer. Phil is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in the fields of strategic risk management and Internal Audit.

Phil is recognized as an accomplished and charismatic facilitator, trainer and lecturer having advised many renowned organizations, coordinated top-level events and addressed national and international conferences on a wide range of critical business topics. He has led risk management programs for many hundreds of private and public sector clients including, development of risk strategies and facilitated workshops plus assistance with implementation.

He has developed and delivered regular training courses on risk management, fraud prevention and investigation and best practice internal audit across the world.

He is a renowned author – his recent book ‘Risk Based Auditing’ is an international best seller.

Phil has published research into many aspects of internal audit and risk management best practice, including “Strategic Risk management” “The Need to Co-ordinate Assurance Providers” and “The Expectations of Chief Executives towards Internal Audit and its future”.

Who should attend?

• Heads of Audit, Audit managers and senior auditors
• Auditors responsible for developing or implementing a risk based approach
• Other assurance professionals such as those in Compliance and QA functions who are wanting to develop their Risk based approach

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