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5th Annual Pharmacovigilance Forum

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“Thanks for organizing
such an interesting forum,
really appreciated.”

Chiesi Farmaceutici S.P.A.


“I enjoyed the forum a lot.
This was really very helpful

Associate Director |Global Pharmacovigilance
Governance Head
Mylan - Germany

“GLC exceeded my expectations!”
Project Head - National Haemophilia System
St. James Hospital

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At Comfit we have been monitoring literature with the purpose of pharmacovigilance since 2009. We aim at reviewing all local medical journals in Europe. We use standardised working procedures across countries and combine human power with our validated software: medical professionals review while our software make reports and store data. With our integrated method, we will not miss any of our clients’ medicinal products.

We also monitor the websites of Medicine Agencies daily. We look for updates in regulatory guidelines and news, highlighting the precise changes and record them in our VigIntelligence database. With our reports, our users can spare time and work while being well-informed without being overwhelmed with information.

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