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Audit Masters 2024

Audit Masters 2024

23-24 May 2024

Join our 9th Annual Internal Audit Forum to network and exchange information with experts from all across the world.

HSE360 Summit 2024

HSE360 Summit 2024

07-08, October 2024

HSE360 will provide participants with a platform for information exchange and networking with experts from all across the world.


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Our success stories

"High attention to detail in course content and very well delivered"

Simon Halsey
Product Development Manager
Essentra Packaging
United Kingdom

Our success stories

"Very good training led by two knowledgeable and open experts. Excellent insight given on many complex topics. Interactive and highly useful"

Aurelie Vivicorsi
USP PD Team Manager
Celonic AG

Our success stories

"Great course, impressed with the knowledge of the trainers and ability to answer wide variety of questions!"

Emilia Szwej
Manager, Senior Investigator
MT Sword Laboratories (BMS)