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Who we are

Global Leading Conferences began as an ambitious dream by three founders ten years ago. Today it’s an international series of interactive events, exploring the hottest topics in critical fields. Each year, thousands of professionals join us to challenge the status quo and learn innovative ways to create new solutions in Finance, Pharmaceutical, HR, Health & Safety, and Energy.

We believe, that...

...creativity can change the world good idea can make a difference between success or failure

...good competition is strengthening our products

...lifelong learning is the only way of life long success

...information is the new global currency

Our mission

We’re driven by a desire to put together the best knowledge exchange platforms that empower ideas to change attitudes, lives, and the world we live in.


Our vision

To be pioneers in the production and management of interactive global corporate conferences.

Our values


Reaching new heights of satisfaction for our Customers, Service Providers and Employees


What drives our work day and quench our thirst for learning


Influencing positive changes to the world we live in


Fostering the spirit of care for our Customers, Service Providers, Employees and Environment


Taking great pleasure in developing great results and the working culture that makes it happen


De-centralised structure that promotes new ideas, innovative concepts and swift decision-making

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