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skill up with the best

Skill up with the best

Your professional development will soar to new heights with best-in-class training that gives you the know-how you wouldn’t otherwise receive.

become a future builder

Become a future builder

Connect and collaborate with the top movers and shakers in your field. Brainstorm solutions to common challenges and set the ground for future projects with a game-changing network.

step up your career

Step up your career

Mastering new material and industry trends comes with real rewards. Learn the skills you need to get a promotion, take on interesting challenges and lead teams.

spark a movement

Spark a movement

Support the creation of new trends in complex markets with tight deadlines. Introduce and collaborate on regulations and new evolutions in key industries.

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Our success stories

"High attention to detail in course content and very well delivered"

Simon Halsey
Product Development Manager
Essentra Packaging
United Kingdom

Our success stories

"Very good training led by two knowledgeable and open experts. Excellent insight given on many complex topics. Interactive and highly useful"

Aurelie Vivicorsi
USP PD Team Manager
Celonic AG

Our success stories

"Great course, impressed with the knowledge of the trainers and ability to answer wide variety of questions!"

Emilia Szwej
Manager, Senior Investigator
MT Sword Laboratories (BMS)

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Regulated LC-MS Bioanalysis Masterclass

Regulated LC-MS Bioanalysis Masterclass

26 & 27 January, 2022

This training is intended for professionals who work in the field of analytical chemistry, focusing on HPLC, UHPLC and LC-MS. This training will provide effective method development, sample analysis and comprehensive troubleshooting.

Advanced Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals MasterClass

Advanced Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals MasterClass

01 - 04 February, 2022

Advanced Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals MasterClass will cover the scientific principles of chemical & physico-chemical degradation of active substances & pharmaceutical products.

Advanced E-PPI and E-Leaflet US MasterClass

Advanced E-PPI and E-Leaflet US MasterClass

07 & 08 February, 2022

This Training will provide Key Points for the Establishment, Development and Implementation of E-PPI strategy and E-Leaflets.

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Event partners

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About GLC

Global Leadership Conferences began as an ambitious dream by three founders ten years ago. Today it’s an international series of interactive events, exploring the hottest topics in critical fields. Each year, thousands of professionals join us to challenge the status quo and learn innovative ways to create new solutions in Finance, Pharmaceutical, HR, Health & Safety, and Energy.

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