Why Do Accidents Happen in the Workplace & How to Prevent Them

In today’s world, all industrial environments are much safer than before. Despite many health and safety measures implemented in organizations, many accidents could still occur at any time. According to some surveys, Standardized rates of fatal injury across the 15 European Union Nations and the United Kingdom show a downward trend over the last decade. [...]

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: A Major Challenge by 2018

  Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) is a more coherent, consistent framework than the Basel 2.5 market risk capital framework. The FRTB is aimed at addressing the shortcomings of the Basel 2.5 with the intention of establishing a more realistic view of risk. That, in turn, is resulting in appropriate capital adequacy provisioning, [...]

IFRS 9 Online MasterClass – GLC Europe

GLC Europe’s IFRS 9 Online MasterClasses are designed to provide basic ethics as well as improve the level of knowledge in the field of IFRS 9 which comes into effect on the 01 January 2018. It helps to keep up-to-date with the new regulations and to get to know the newest updates directly from [...]

How Blockchain Technology is Impacting Future of Payments

One of the most expensive asset classes and expensive digital assets in the World right now is Bitcoin. The rise of Bitcoin in payment industry was fueled by the ability to make transactions in a very cheap, fast, and reliable manner. What initially started as Bitcoin had expanded into a list of over 900 crypto-currencies [...]

Basel IV: What’s next for Global Banks? What do firms need to do?

  After Basel III went into effect, the Basel Committee wanted to revisit transparency and consistency in risk measurements across approaches, jurisdictions, and banks. As a result Basel IV was introduced. It is how detractor banks describe the second wave of proposals, as these came later and somewhat unexpectedly, unlike the Basel III draft rules. The [...]