Ethics is the audit master

When you audit, are you considering ethics? Ethics is the audit master in every way. But do we know exactly what it is? Moral principles that govern a person's behavior. And what are moral principles? Rules that define right and wrong. Hence, the first step for any Internal Auditor is to know what right is [...]

HELP, my son wouldn’t go to a branch office?! – by Online Business Technologies

Join our 5th Annual European Payments Forum in Amsterdam to discuss the following topic to be presented by Online Business Technologies: Our team received a letter from a desperate parent complaining about his son not willing to go to the branch office of the bank, where by tradition the family holds their accounts. Moreover, this [...]

Deep Learning In-House Training

Top executives of organizations around the world have heard a lot about artificial intelligence (AI). Within AI, there is machine learning, a technology that enables computers to get better at tasks with more practice. Furthermore, within machine learning, there is deep learning, which involves algorithms by which computers [...]

Pharma Regulations and Technical MasterClass

Learning outcomes Take a closer look on how the new European requirements on verification of the authenticity of each single medicinal product can be put into practice Experience how to comply with serialisation, tamper verification and packaging requirements of medicinal products Understand The Print Quality of [...]

International Loan Documentation MasterClass

Learn how to spot the critical issues early in any transaction Understand how to best negotiate the documentation so you get the best deal possible Refine your ability to deal with and draft crucial parts of loan documentation Training Description Whether you are a [...]

Payments In-house Training

Payments In-house Training was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the industry. Whether you would like to know more about latest regulations, technological innovations or hear possible solutions for operational challenges. One of the reasons why it stands out from others is that our participants gain not [...]