Women in Leadership Summit

Women in Leadership Summit WHY THIS EVENT? In the World where gender diversity and equality is getting more and more important, there is a big need for such events as our Women in Leadership Summit. The event will collect professionals and leaders from around the World coming from different industries to [...]

Fraud prevention and detection

How to do it? Here are some tips to improve fraud prevention and detection: a) Who is monitoring the hot-line? If it’s done internally, assign either Internal Audit (IA) or Compliance to do it. You need someone independent, objective and that has access to Committees if needed. If you’ve a provider, determine: the escalation [...]

Women in Leadership – Exciting times

I just want to take a moment to celebrate the inspirational women who I have had the privilege to meet in my recent 'Women in Leadership' events and personal coaching sessions. Women are living very difficult questions - how can they be unashamedly themselves in what is still a male-dominated environment? How can they be [...]