Packaging and Labelling of pharmaceutical industry is a particularly important in Pharmaceuticals nowadays, as it combines several aspects of Pharma manufacturing in terms of How drug is being perceived by the market, Patient Relations – how easy is it to understand how to take it and safe as well, how do you build a packaging line in the most effective way and the Regulatory aspects of the Pharma industry.
This year Eugenio Filippi the Associate Director Plasma Logistics & Analytics Europe at Shire will be a key speaker at the GLC Europe’s 6th Annual Pharma Packaging and Labelling Forum titled ‘PP&L 6.0’ that will be held on 23rd and 24th November 2017 at Imperial Riding School Renaissance Hotel in Vienna.
Filippi had been leading teams of up to 100 individuals for over 10 years in terms of budget, resources, performance and audit posture. He had also been with Baxalta (ex Baxter BioScience, now part of Shire) for over six years and worked at IBM for ten years prior to joining Baxalta. Since 2010, he had been involved in LEAN initiatives focusing on KPI definition, value stream mapping and process improvement. Deviation management and Six Sigma trending are also areas of interest which have led to a number of guest speaking events at pharmaceutical and logistics conferences. He had also participated and led several Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and site audits with U.S., European and International inspectors. Since 2013, he had been focusing on Cold Chain Logistics and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines. During histenure at IBM in Slovakia, he wasesponsible for setting up a program called “Management Development for Emerging Leaders in Developing Countries”. Since 2014, he is a guest speaker at the University of Applied Science in Vienna on the subject of leadership styles and techniques.

GLC Europe officials had a brief discussion with him about his thoughts on the case study he will be presenting on ‘End-to-End process excellence to ensure Uninterrupted Delivery’

1. Could you briefly explain us about your Case Study you are presenting at ‘PP&L 6.0’?
This case study is on “End-to- End Process Excellence to Ensure Uninterrupted Delivery”, deals with the E2E approach to partner selection, going from very broad concepts such as GxP Guidelines, their interpretation and implementation, risk assessments and also keeping in mind the concept of “Total Cost of Quality” i.e. the cost of not doing things right the first time. The question being asked is what criteria will be used to select the best partner / supplier / 3PL (third-party logistics) or outsourcing company. Cost does certainly play a role, but are there other dimensions?

2. What are the major threats/issues currently faced by Pharma industry?
The main challenge is to be compliant to the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) guidelines in a balanced way. You have to have a risk assessment pointing to the areas, which require more investment and those where less is needed, so trying to balance cost and quality. For example, you might want to validate and monitor shipments where there is a risk of exceeding your temperature profile, while there might be no need to monitor validated lanes, which are well covered. A Risk based approach.

3. What do you see as the main industry trend for next year?
I suspect that companies will try to go for total solutions, rather than having to look at one packaging solution, then a separate data logger, than a shipper etc. There is so much technology out there with many companies offering similar services; I think those providers who can give complete solutions will have some advantage.
6th Annual Pharma Packaging and Labelling Forum are organized by GLC Europe, a pioneer in the production and management of interactive and impactful global corporate conferences. Participants at the forum will have the benefit of interacting with industry professionals and discussing about latest Packaging and Labelling related issues in the industry.