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Training Overview

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investing is gaining traction as mainstream
players are now considering the financial and risk management benefits of adhering to
some form of ESG integration and monitoring, while at the same time find the need to
respond to the increasing demand forresponsible investments that come from millennials
and the need to comply with new regulation. ESG Principles & Practice will provide insights on what is ESG, why does it matter and what is the impact of ESG integration on investment decisions. It will also delve into alternative ESG integration methodologies, explore current ESG trends, challenges faced in measurement and reporting, and explore the differences between ESG and impact investing.

Who should attend?

• Portfolio managers and research analysts that are incorporating ESG into their
investment process (beginners and intermediate level)
• Sales teams that seek further understanding on ESG relevance, methodologies
and ESG how-to in order to better serve and better
• CFOs and other finance team members that want to deepen their ESG
knowledge to develop internal tools, frameworks and reporting that is in line
with investor’s needs and requirements
• Investor Relations teams that need further insight on investor’s perceptions on
ESG risks and opportunities and want to communicate effectively to the market
(investors, analysts, etc.) their company’s sustainability journey
• Other service professionals that are actively engaged with clients that are actively
pursuing or shaping a sustainability agenda who would greatly benefit from
understanding the complexities that their clients are currently grappling with.


Andrea Marmolejo
Andrea MarmolejoDirector Blue Topaz Capital

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