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This highly interactive, tech-savvy course is designed to empower ambitious individuals who are looking for ways to enhance their performance, broaden their role and develop the managerial aspects of their position while using the newest technology. An experienced trainer will show you how to improve your confidence, productivity and time management skills using various techniques and APPs. With the help of practical exercises, demos, and presentations, you will get tools for managing yourself, your colleagues and your boss more effectively, both online and offline.



Executive PA in 2019 is very different from what it used to be a decade ago. It´s not about making coffee and answering phone calls anymore.

In 2019, Executive assistant is HR, marketing, legal, finance, administration, psychology, and events management expert in one. With so many things on their plate and the same 24 hours in a day, it ́s crucial to get their hands on the newest tools.

This immersive training consists of practical exercises, extensive best practice sharing, demos, and presentations, that will help you manage yourself, your colleagues and your boss more effectively, both online and offline. Latest apps and technologies help the executive’s right-hand deal with piling demands and responsibilities, while at the same time ensuring the maximum role satisfaction and personal career growth.


Course outcomes: 

• Deal with your daily tasks better using the latest technology and apps
• Create opportunities for your personal development and cracking challenges better
• Get the best out of stress and demanding situations
• Make most of your time using the newest time management and action planning tools & APPs
• Experience fewer burn-out moments and more balance
• Manage stress and pressure in an increasingly challenging environment
• Improve your confidence, assertiveness and ensure steady carrier growth while being hands-on with your personal progress



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The Trainer: 

Rūta is a highly experienced senior administrative specialist & executive PA with over 10 years’ experience in international companies. Working for the last 5 years with giants like EY and biggest Spanish financial market players, she has designed and implemented a senior PA development program, that’s proved to be a great tool to improve the daily performance of associates in this role.
Speaking 5 languages and with prior experience in French and British companies apart from Spanish and International leading players, she has accumulated and used her global experience and supporting executives in various languages of different seniority.
Ruta’s background covers business management and journalism areas, while her industry experience extends from technology and entertainment to finance, retail and audit companies. Having been part of business of such different profiles, sectors and nationalities, she has gained a greatly varying profile of a Senior PA & admin specialist. This led her into developing a very elaborated, tech-savvy and resourceful training, which carries a lot of practical insights and real-life role play scenarios.
Having worked with so many different industries and sectors, Ruta has detected main patterns of what it takes to be a successful executive PA regardless of who your boss is and what your company does. She greatly depicts what that looks like in daily life and what are the main strategies and key areas one must develop to achieve real excellence in the role. Her holistic approach to the connection of personal and professional skills and the importance of developing both areas equally make this training a great trampoline to improve executive PA role skills while working on personal performance. Having spent last few years as a senior EA in a start-ups world, Ruta is bringing knowledge of technology and apps available today, that help bridge the gap between traditional companies and Silicon Valley work style for EAs & PAs.

“Ruta has been an amazing support in a process of training our team of PAs. Her practical knowledge,
examples of a daily situations and simple yet greatly efficient tools of improving daily procedures
boosted capabilities of our administrative team “
Director, INSURANCE BROKER GROUP – LT leading insurance company

“Ruta shared her extensive practical experience in working with Global Companies and EY team
has benefited from these real-life examples greatly. At one point she was covering 2 full time vital
administrative roles in the firm simultaneously. Ruta has a contagious approach of simplifying
everything around herself, which resulted in our administrative team becoming way more efficient
and transparent”

“Ruta is an extremely efficient EA with a proactive focus on the client and the team. Her administration
strategies of daily tasks and her time management skills are exceptional”
CEO, Servihabitat