Advanced Compensation and Benefits MasterClass 2.0

Learning outcomes Take a closer look to the three main thing in Reward Management Experience how to set up a profitable strategy Understand the different types of market pay surveys and definitions Have a chance to to analyze “total remuneration” for benchmarking Learn what motivates and [...]

Employee Engagement Improves With Emotional Connections

As companies continue to explore and develop strategies for employee engagement, new ideas and insights come to mind. By now, we’ve seen plenty of evidence that satisfaction in the workplace drives engagement, which in turn enhances business outcomes. The challenge for many companies, however, is striking that balance between happy employees and successful business outcomes [...]

InsurTech In-House Training

A spinoff of the word fintech, insurtech refers to the application of new innovations and technology that are dramatically disrupting the insurance industry, from apps to artificial intelligence (AI) and lots in between.The need for better user experience, demand for different on demand insurance products by Millennials, increase [...]

8th Annual Risk Management Forum

8th Annual Risk Management Forum On the 8th Annual Risk Management Forum  the attendees will be presented with a number of sessions on today’s current issues and trends, industry best practices seeking to address common challenges, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. The goal of the conference is to uncover the insights of the most emerging [...]

European HSE Management Forum 3.0

European HSE Management Forum 3.0 We are happy to announce our upcoming European HSE Management Forum 3.0, which will be held on 20th - 21st of September in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. We will gather professionals from many different industries and countries all around the World [...]

4th Annual Post – Trade Forum

4th Annual Post-Trade Forum In the forest of regulations, our 4th Annual Post-Trade Forum is the best platform to gain an update on the current situation and find the path out of the chaos. The European market is facing a lot of requirement outlined by MiFID II, EMIR, [...]

Credit risk management importance

Have you ever wondered why credit risk management is important? Of course, because it has to deal with money! How a financial institution lends the money and to whom are essential factors that must be determined accurately. Why? Because lending money involves certain risks, such as the risk appetite a financial institution has in case [...]