Development of generics: From R&D to GMP MasterClass

Overview The interface between Development and GMP units is one of the most exciting in the pharmaceutical industry. Mutual understanding of the different regulatory environment and the functional priorities is a key success factor. Conflicts, mostly resulting from different approaches and priorities, can have negative impact on business [...]

Global Regulatory Framework and Ethics MasterClass

Overview The expansion of global markets has resulted in increasing regulatory demands for the pharmaceutical industry. Many pharmaceutical companies are expanding their activities to new markets and regions. During this process, companies are facing challenges of coping and keeping compliant to diverse regulatory requirements and operating standards when [...]

Sales Incentive Plans MasterClass (2.0)

Overview The aim of this 2 half-days module on “Sales Incentive Plans” (SIPs) is to enable you to design and deliver effective sales incentive plans (SIPs) and commission schemes to attract, motivate and incentivise your sales staff, and get a better understanding of the latest best-practice approaches for [...]

Pharma Mergers and Acquisitions MasterClass

Overview This 2 day programme is intensive, and aimed at participants who wish to understand the various legal aspects of M&A in its different facets, it addresses the deal process, key documents including the Share Purchase Agreement, Disclosure Letter, specific issues Due Diligence in Life Sciences including IP, [...]

Leadership in Extraordinary Times – The new normal MasterClass

Overview Through the interactive course, we will cover stakeholder management, influencing the organization, the styles of leadership essential to achieve change. We will address the critical difference between leadership and management, what the “New Normal’, demands of you. It shall cover the key skills required to lead teams [...]

Private Equity MasterClass

Overview This 2-day programme is intensive and aimed at participants who wish to understand the various legal aspects of private equity and its different facets, it addresses the different forms of private equity, the deal process, key documents including the Limited Partnership Agreement, the documents required for a [...]

API & 24/7 economy for Transaction Banks MasterClass

Overview The two-day Transaction Banking Master Class is an intensive training covering all aspects of Transaction Services, both from a corporate treasury and a transaction banking perspective, while FX, Liquidity, Risk, Technology, Trade & Supply chain finance are fully integrated as it is an integrated part of transaction [...]

Advanced Human Error Management MasterClass

Overview Recent advances in human error management based on alertness creation dovetail seamlessly with holistic and coordinated approaches to risk management. This two day course covers the recent advances in understanding why people make physical and cognitive mistakes and what pro-active and proportionate steps can be taken to [...]

Are you sure your risk-based approach is effective?

Let’s see: are you sure that your risk-based approach is effective? If you haven’t updated it during the year…if only the Internal Audit talks about risks…or if the budget is not related to it…well, it’s clear: the risk-based approach is not effective. How can this be resolved? First think that the risk-based approach is a [...]