H&S Legal Compliance and Leadership MasterClass

Overview Many companies and their directors / senior individuals may not be fully familiar with their Health and Safety duties and the way in which changes to Health & Safety legislation (both in the UK and abroad)might impact them. This highly engaging and interactive seminar will highlight the [...]

Reviewing salaries, fairly

The simple increase in an employee’s salary is a delicate process called the salary (or pay) review. Salary reviews are usually conducted annually. It is a process whereby employers determine if the employees’ salaries are fair as well as ensuring that salaries are reflecting what the market is offering for similar positions. The process is [...]

CAPA and Root Cause Analysis MasterClass

Overview In today’s highly regulated pharma, biotech, device and animal health industries, it is essential to use the most efficient processes and ensure compliance with an active corrective and preventive action (CAPA) and RCA system. This course will cover CAPA and RCA methodology and documentation, diagnosing process improvement, [...]

New Global Mobility and Remote Assignments MasterClass

Overview International assignments can be physical or remote. This course has been designed to equip HR professionals to understand and effectively support business and talent outcomes, when moving talent or work across borders. Traditional expatriate assignments, permanent transfers, localization and local employment of foreign talent will be covered, [...]

Advanced Forecasting MasterClass

Overview 2020 was a stark reminder of just how unpredictable the world is. As events unfolded and policy makers responded it was necessary for banks and other economic agents to continuously update their outlook on how the economy would respond. Markets initially lurched downwards, stocks, commodities and interest [...]

How to submit variations in Europe MasterClass

Overview Variations are an essential part of pharmaceutical products lifecycle and a critical milestone for the management of post-approval changes. Regulation worldwide is not yet harmonised and this course will help you understand the specific legal framework of variations in Europe. Through practical examples and exercices, you will [...]

Data Transparency in Clinical Trials and Fake News MasterClass

Overview Over the past decade, implementing disclosure and data transparency policies and procedures in clinical trials has become an essential requirement for anyone working in this area. Most of the major pharmaceutical companies have already established transparency policies, spontaneously giving the possibility to access the data collected during [...]

Continuous Manufacturing Processes for Biotechnological Products MasterClass

Overview The environment for recombinant proteins used as biotherapeutics is changing. In the context of developing new biological entities, the bioindustry should further improve speed to clinic, gain in manufacturing flexibility while reducing costs of good sales (COGS). Despite at start of the recombinant era in the 80s/90s, [...]

Due diligence in FinTech, do you know what to check?

Chime, Coinbase, IZettle, MetroBank, Barion all are fintech companies…if carry out due diligence, do you know what to check? One key element is technology. Understand the fintech company business model is certainly important because the technology platform use can be unfamiliar for most of us. And the success of the product is linked to the [...]

Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation MasterClass

Overview How would you know if fraud was occurring in your organisation? Does your organisation have a fraud prevention strategy? Do you have a formal programme to tackle the risk posed by fraud? Do you have the use of any automated fraud detection techniques? If fraud is suspected [...]