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Some of the hot topics

About 90% of project management training is about tools and techniques,
however most of the job is dealing with the various stakeholders involved
in your projects. This series of three master classes are all linked by the
engagement of the stakeholders in your projects. Day 1 looks a risk analysis
and alongside the traditional view we also look at the risks associated with
stakeholder behaviour. Day 2 focuses on the measurement of project progress,
but goes beyond the constraints of the iron triangle i.e. are we on budget, on
time and with the required quality, to consider the human interactions. Day 3
concentrates on stakeholder engagement and making sure that we understand
who the key stake holders are and how we can motivate them.

Benefits of In-house Trainings

Get to know the Trainer

Roger Joby
Roger Joby

Roger Joby is a Visiting Research Fellow at Liverpool Business School, Liverpool JM
University and an international project management consultant and educator with over 40
years’ experience, in clinical research. Recipient of the Pharmaceutical Contract Management
Group (PCMG) Lifetime Fellowship Award 2019

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Who should attend?

• Project managers
• Clinical project managers
• Clinical leads
• Senior Clinical Research Associates (sCRA)
• CRAs
• Clinical trial Administrators
• Country heads
• Medical Directors
• Data Monitors
• Statisticians
• Head of clinical operations
• Clinical outsourcing staff
• Alliance Managers
• Outsourcing
• Finance
• Legal

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