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“Amazing conference organization
and group of experts.”

C-Level Executive
Multinational Company
in the Balkan Countries

“Great conference,
excellent speakers.”

C-Level Executive
RE company-Western Europe
“Great to see such a diversity of
representatives in the room
from all over Europe.”

General Manager
Multinational Company-Eastern Europe

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Founded in 1993 in Kraków, Poland, Comarch prides itself on being one of the leading software houses in Europe with over 5000 employees worldwide and more than 3000 successful projects carried out for the largest international brands. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, Comarch Financial Services, a business sector within the Comarch Capital Group, specializes in developing sophisticated software and IT systems for major financial institutions in banking, insurance and capital markets.

For more information visit: www.comarch.com or speak to us at the event


Mea has built a Mobile Services Platform to enable HCE/Tokenization, Masterpass and converged wallets. Built to support both global and local payment schemes, the platform can enable any wallet application and wearable device for mobile and digital payments.

The Mea Token Platform (MeaTP) enables Issuers’ apps and third party wallets with tokenization/HCE. Integrated with MDES/VTS, MeaTP serves as a connectivity hub to the wallet application, ensuring digital card issuance and life cycle management.

Mea Masterpass improves the consumers experience when shopping online and in-app by using previously securely stored card and user credentials. MeaWallet can help Issuers launch their own branded Masterpass eWallet, mWallet and converged wallet.



SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. Based on market capitalization, SAP is the world’s third largest independent software manu­facturer:

355,000 + Customers in over 180 countries

87,100 + Employees in 130+ countries

87% of Forbes Global 2000 are SAP customers

125 mil. Cloud services subscribers

With 45+ years of experience, SAP offers proven solutions for all industry-specific needs.

With its Financial Services Network SAP provides a multi-partner, digital communication channel seamlessly connecting corporates and banks for automation of processes associated with the execu­tion and reconciliation of payments- and cash-management-handling.

For more information visit: www.sap.de or speak to us at the event


ApPello Banking Software is a leading software vendor that has been providing solutions for over 18 years with great experience and competence on the field of credit risk-, collateral management and cash optimization. We are constantly developing the ApPello Digital Platform which allows the product development and implementation on the most flexible and customisable way. ApPello’s first principle is developing user-focused solutions  which do not only meet the business requirements, but can be set by the end users without IT involvement. ApPello also puts a big emphasis on the digitalisation in the loan processes led by the latest customer expectations.

For more information visit: www.appello.eu or speak to us at the event


Kontomatik is an API that allows financial institutions access customers’ banking activity. Kontomatik add-ons enrich and structure the data to build a broader financial behavior profile for analytics purposes.  Kontomatik data can be used to identify a customer (KYC) online, perform a detailed credit scoring, and customer segmentation in a more precise way.

For more information visit: www.kontomatik.com or speak to us at the event

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