The Female Competencies


Do you know which are the female competencies needed to be a leader? Let’s talk about those essentials that you should have:

First, you have to show integrity and honesty; this means you have to act like this. Integrity means to do the right thing no matter what and honesty is to be humble enough to accept you are not perfect and to apologize when you are wrong. If you do it, people will see you as a leader and they will respect you.

Take initiative

How many times have you seen the company is facing the same problem and no one does something to solve it? Taking initiative means to be proactive instead of reactive and this will make you different from others … it also includes practicing self-development. Don’t wait for the company to give you something: look for it. The best leaders take action and don’t wait for someone to tell them what they have to do. But… before taking action they also calculate risk-taking. You want to solve the situation, not to make it worse!

Using this, you can set goals and objectives that are meaningful to the company, to your team.


Women leaders also know how to work as a team. They know that in order to be successful they need the help of others and they invest time to know their team. In this way, women leaders help develop their team members by bringing the best of them and with this come motivation. But they also do something important: they have a balance between their work and personal life. They respect it as well as others’.

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