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The Millennial Woman in Leadership


‘Women leaders’ and ‘millennials’ are two words which are resonating in our minds.

On one hand, we have businesses and women leaders pushing for other women to lead and to move fast in having women chairs and sitting on boards. On the other hand, we have the millennials who are changing the way we work (and the way work is carried out). Both creating pressures on businesses to find ways to support one, and both, to successfully climb the ladder – the woman and more specifically, the millennial woman.

One may question what difference it makes if the woman is a millennial or a baby boomer. I feel that the millennials are at an advantage; society has advanced, not only in terms of education, technology, globalization and so on, but because women have now been taught differently. Women’s attitude has changed and is still changing. Women have been taught not to lack self-confidence. We have been allowed to be ambitious – both crucial aspects of success.

As a woman and as an early millennial, I can see that there are still challenges women like me face. And as a working mother, I can see even greater challenges.

I am listing three basic and important points which, in my opinion, millennial women should keep in mind throughout their leadership career.

Understand oneself

We all have passions and interests, inside and outside of work. Investing time in understanding and developing them are very important. It is these passions and interests that make us unique. Understanding ourselves helps us develop our own point of view, our own opinion and ultimately, gives us the strength to have our own voice.

Self-awareness also leads to self-confidence.

Self-care as one of your priorities

Understandably this is probably one of the greatest challenges we face, especially when also having a family. Setting time for yourself, to recharge and to allow creativity to connect with you is important. Find time for things you enjoy doing; exercise or reading a book, or whatever you enjoy. Block time on your calendar as though it is a meeting you cannot miss.

Network, network and build relationships

Networking and building relationships with a dynamic group of people gives you a fresh outlook. Talking to other professionals and leaders gives you exposure, and also exposure to different views, which also gives you the opportunity to introduce new practices in the way you do things – at work and at home! Networking also opens new doors to opportunities for you.


By Maria Bartolo Zahra. She is the Co-Founder and HR Advisor at SurgeAdvisory. She is a millennial working mother with over sixteen years of human resources and business advisory experience. 

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