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MasterClass Introduction

Recent advances in human error management based on alertness creation dovetail seamlessly with holistic and coordinated approaches to risk management. This two day course covers the recent advances in understanding why people make physical and cognitive mistakes and what pro-active and proportionate steps can be taken to pro-actively manage that risk.

Course style

The style of the course is highly interactive. For example, an early flip chart exercise it to get the delegates to define excellent safety leadership in their own words. The output always proves close to 100% generic (see Day 2) and delegate’s own definitions of excellence will be referred back to frequently as the course progresses. Please note that the soft skills element of the course mirrors the content of the soon to be released NEBOSH qualification (well the scope Anker and Marsh wrote for and agreed with the Nebosh leadership. It’s currently with committees).

Learning Outcomes

• To understand how Human Error fits within a holistic
risk framework.
• To understand recent advances in understanding the
inter-linked and multi-faceted causes of human error
• To acquire a tool box of proven methodologies for
pro-actively minimizing human error.


Who should attend?

This course is primarily aimed at Director level for SHE and HR professionals but is an
interactive and accessable course about people. Therefore it is suitable for anyone with an
interest in minimizing risk and maximizing human potential. (Thus anyone from the C-Suite
to a safety rep).


Tim Marsh
Tim MarshPhD; MSc; CFIOSH; CPsychol; SFI

Download the Agenda

Download detailed Agenda - Advanced Human Error Management MasterClass