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Training Overview

In this 2-day training, you will learn how to build machine learning applications in C# with Microsoft’s new ML.NET library. You will learn how to prepare a data set, load and process it, and design and train a machine learning model to generate useful predictions from the data.

The course will provide a solid foundation of machine learning (regression, classification, and clustering) and also cover advanced applications like using deep convolutional neural networks to detect objects in images.

You will learn how to build advanced AI applications with only a few lines of C# code. We will cover many use cases like trend prediction, anomaly detection, text analysis, computer vision, and many others. During the course, Mark Farragher will share many tips and tricks on how you can start introducing AI and data science functionality to your business today.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to build classifiers, anomaly detectors, recommendation systems, and many other AI apps
  • Have learned about regression, classification, clustering, association mining, and more
  • Have experienced C# machine learning first-hand
  • Be able to quickly build AI business prototypes in C#

Who should attend?

• CTOs (with C# programming skills)
• Solution Architects
• Enterprise Architects
• Software Team Leaders
• Senior Developers
• AI Developers
• Software Developers

All participants must have a working knowledge of C# software development.


Mark Farragher
Mark FarragherCertified Microsoft Trainer (MCT) Machine Learning and Computer Vision trainer at The Machine Learning Advantage Software Development trainer at Udemy

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