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Course Overview and Methodology

In a highly competitive work environment, it is more important than ever to be efficient and effective in your day-to-day activities, both personally and in your team and wider organisation. Having an effective toolset of management techniques to help you make the most of your time and resources is key to maximising your performance and managing your work-life-balance.

This masterclass will provide an overview of some of the most useful tools and techniques that you can use and apply on a daily basis – both at home and at work. The overriding core principle of all the tools that we will cover is one of ‘plan-do-review’, and we will apply this principle throughout the course. It will therefore be necessary for you to do some thinking and preparation before the course, focusing on your current work and life challenges, in order to get the maximum benefit from the course. Likewise, after the course you should schedule in some personal time to reflect and review the course and think about how you will apply your learning. Preparatory instructions will be provided before the course and the preparatory activities will take no more than 3 hours of your time. During the course, emphasis will be given to applying the tools in practice, so that you can try out and test each of the tools for yourself and see which of the tools you will find most helpful. This course will be highly interactive with plenary and group discussions and exercises; and time set aside for Questions & Answers and review to help you achieve your learning objectives.

This course will provide you with 12 of the most effective management tools to help improve your personal and team effectiveness. The tools are simple to understand, and a key part of the course is for you to try out the tools and apply them to your own personal situation. This practical application of the tools helps cement your learning and gives you the confidence to apply the tools every day after you have completed the course.

The course methodology follows a consistent pattern of:
• Tool introduction and explanation
• Participants apply and discuss the tool
• Plenary review and questions

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the core principle of ‘plan-do-review’ cycles
  • Understanding and testing a number of different approaches to planning
  • Understanding and testing tools for managing meetings, managing staff and giving feedback
  • Understanding and testing tools for conducting effective reviews and reflection

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for everyone who wants to be more effective in their work and home life – both in managing themselves and in managing others. This course is aimed at junior and middle managers who are looking to develop their skillsets, progress in their career and achieve their life goals.
Participants should already have some practical experience of managing others and working in a corporate environment.

Download detailed Agenda - Personal Effectiveness Tools MasterClass


The Trainer: 

Graham Dalton
Global Organisational Design Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Graham Dalton is widely recognized as one of the most experienced global organisational design practitioners. Graham has over 20 years’ experience (well over 12,000 hours of client facing organisational design project delivery), delivering over 100 projects with more than 50 different clients. Graham has worked across the private, public and voluntary sectors in a full range of different industries, guiding and facilitating Chief Executives and their top teams in their strategic organisational design assignments. Graham specializes in strategic organisational design, including: senior stakeholder engagement; As-Is assessment; option design and evaluation; co-designing the optimal model for the client’s needs; top team restructuring; governance arrangements; and testing, clarifying, refining and defining the new structure, roles and responsibilities.
Graham also works with two of the very best global thinkers and theorists in organisational design: Andrew Campbell (at Ashridge Management Schools Advanced Organisational Design Practitioners Course); and Dr Naomi Stanford (supporting one of the ‘big four’ consultancy houses in developing their organisational design practitioners and approach).
Graham has a BSc Degree in Pharmaceutical Science and a Diploma in Sports Psychology. After 15 years working in senior operations leadership roles for a blue-chip company, Graham moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers where he initially focused on developing their Change Management and Benefits Realisation methodologies and practices. Having been promoted to Director, Graham spent the next 12 years developing and delivering PwC’s global organisational design methodology. This included training PwC’s organisational design practitioners across the globe including: the UK; Europe; the Middle East; Africa and America. Since leaving PwC in 2016, Graham has worked as an Independent Management Consultant, Trainer & Coach. Graham also has a Non-Executive Director role for the Department of Justice in Northern Ireland.