Join our 5th Annual European Payments Forum in Amsterdam to discuss the following topic to be presented by Online Business Technologies:

Our team received a letter from a desperate parent complaining about his son not willing to go to the branch office of the bank, where by tradition the family holds their accounts. Moreover, this naughty kid has more trust in technology companies than banks?!  How will he manage his finance?! Will he ever stand on his own feet?!

Being enthusiastic to solve hard cases, our team started the investigation how can banks provide services more in line with millennials habits, how should banks cooperate with FinTechs to grab the opportunities of ecosystems, and how can PSD2 help to take the road to the new world of financial services.

We will present our findings of this exciting investigation on several occasions, feel free to approach us on either of them.


5th Annual European Payments Forum

There will be an opportunity to discuss these topics in round table discussions on PSD2/Open API/Open Banking moderated by us. Really looking forward to some interesting questions and discussions.

By Online Business Technologies