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Let me introduce our TOP SPEAKER of our 6th Annual Risk Management Forum.

  • Discover new and innovative methodologies to measure different risks
  • OPEN PANEL DISCUSSION: CROs Perspective on Risk
  • Uncover revised Basel III for better Risk Management
  • Managing volatility under IFRS 9 – Credit Risk Steering
  • Guide to hedging liquidity risk
  • Understand how to implement and supervise new regulatory requirements
  • Hear best practices on Stress testing modeling
  • OpRisk – learn how it is effectively managed and measured in FIs
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Evgueni Ivantsov

Chairman – European Risk Management Council
United Kingdom

Dr. Evgueni Ivantsov is Chairman of the European Risk Management Council and author of Heads or Tails: Financial Disaster, Risk Management and Survival Strategy in the World of Extreme Risk. He is a member of the Advisory Group on Global Risks of the World Economic Forum.

Evgueni has a more than 20-year career in the banking sector working in global and large banks. He is Head of Portfolio Management & Strategy at Lloyds Banking Group. Prior to this role, he worked at number of large banks like HSBC, ING Group, and Banque Bruxelles Lambert. In his risk management career, he was responsible for areas like stress testing including regulatory stress tests (e.g. UK industry wide stress test, reverse stress test, EBA stress test), risk appetite, capital management, portfolio risk optimisation and global risk analytics.

Dr. Ivantsov is also a visiting lecturer in Cass Business School (City University, London) and before was a visiting Professor of International Economics at the Boston University and a visiting Professor of Money, Banking and Credit at the United Business Institutes in Brussels.


Dr. Ivantsov will discuss on his view and best practices of Stress Testing Modelling at the Conference. If you would like to receive more information please Request the Conference Agenda.



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