Do you face challenges to attract or retain talent? An effective L&D strategy will attract and ensure an engaged workforce. An engaged workforce not only goes the extra mile or recommends others to join your company, they are also constantly improving their competencies.

If L&D Management can help you overcome this staffing challenge, how does a 21st century L&D Management look like today?

Covid-19 has recently shook us up and put us in motion. The learning landscape is evolving: more and more companies are embracing online learning. Hybrid learning programmes and virtual classrooms are being organised everywhere. Flip learning is knocking at the door as well. The lessons learned from the “voice of the customer”, the war of talent and society changes force us to thoroughly question the traditional learning.

But how do you get started? Or how do you reinvent it to stay competitive? And what are the key success factors of a performant L&D Management in this new era?

Some of the Learning Outcomes


Stéphanie Horemans
Stéphanie HoremansTrainer/Coach Leadership & Personal Development

Employees,managers andorganisations are the three vital enablers for sustainable employability. I strongly believe that making the best possible use of talent will inevitably:
• Boost work engagement
• Create high-performing teams
• Contribute to effective sustainable employability
My passion for training and coaching kickstarted long ago with an opportunity to facilitate workshops on employee engagement at a former employer. With an increasingly strong focus on talent and learning management, I started training and coaching many team leaders and line managers who were looking to improve their key HR soft skills. These included leadership competencies, coaching skills and personal development to manage themselves or their team more effectively.
As an avid trekker and taking my cue from many inspired walks, one day I decided to take a path less travelled and see where it took me. I moved from Wallonia to Bruges (Belgium) and created WALK YOUR CHANGE. With a heartfelt focus on training and coaching of leadership skills, personal development, talent and career management, I have taken hundreds of professionals on a guided journey ever since.
Needless to say, my years as an HR professional in well-known multinationals ensured a thorough expertise in HR practices and methodologies that is now facilitating my training and coaching. I have truly found my stride as I am coaching employees, managers and organisations who are facing workplace challenges. I quite simply love helping them find their feet.

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