As soon as you mention the words “Health and Safety“ people either runaway or cringe at the thought of it, but health and safety is vitally important in the workplace as it protects employees, visitors and customers.

Over two hundred people in the United Kingdom are killed each year by accidents in the workplace (UK HSE figures), over one million people are injured and over two million people suffer illnesses caused by or made worse by their workplace.

Looking after health and safety in your workplace makes (believe it or not) great business sense.

So what happens if you neglect health and safety in your workplace? Well you risk prosecution, you may lose staff, increased insurances, increased costs, probability and most of all reputation of your business.

So how can you as a company apply safe working practices in your workplace?

Providing Health and Safety Information:

  • Develop a positive health and safety culture in your workplace, through leadership from the top and behavioral safety so that it becomes second nature to everyone.
  • Discuss and manage through all departments how health and safety can be made better in your business.
  • Meet the legal duty to protect the health and safety to your employees.

Health and Safety Training:

  • It will contribute to be competent in health and safety and an important member of the Emergency Response Team providing either fire marshal, first aid or both.
  • It can help your business to avoid the distress which accidents cause by handling them in a safe professional manner.
  • Can help you as a business to avoid the financial costs of accidents and occupational ill health.

In the UK the law requires that you provide information, training & instruction is needed to ensure that so far as reasonably practical the safety of the employees.

So how can we achieve this? We can achieve this by regular training courses for your staff, training isn’t just about formal classroom based courses just to get a ‘ tick in the box course’ to obtain just to work, they should be helping the staff to be learning  new things, gaining recognized qualifications to further their education and also being safe in the workplace, one thing is important that the training should be informative, interactive and fun.

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By Julian Woodall