How to manage the Employees’ Performance?


Have you ever wondered how to manage the employees’ performance? What should it be measured and how?

The answer is to link individual performance to the goals and values of the company. And for this, competencies for each role in the company are needed. The benefits are that employees will know what is needed to successfully perform their job, and of course to help the company achieve its objectives. How to do it?


  • Start by designing a note: define the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for employees. You’ll need to understand what the roles of each person within the company are: what they do, how do they do it and who does what? Involve each employee, with their direct boss to concrete what the person is doing.You can start by looking at the standard competencies, but don’t forget each competency framework should be customized to each company’s circumstance.
  • Once the information is gathered, start analyzing it. This information can also help: business plans, organizational principles, job descriptions, regulatory or other compliance issues.Look for similar tasks to obtain general competencies and the most common ones. And define a sample of roles so you can get an example for each job position.
  • Determine the general or core competencies (those included in all job roles), such as: attention to detail, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, etc. Then, break them up into specific job competencies for specific roles. For example, for supervisors: provide direction, monitor performance, inspiring others, etc. Include measurement scales according to complexity, responsibility, scope, etc.
  • Implement and revise on a recurrent basis if the indicators to measure the competencies are realistic. If not, change them. The importance of managing the employee’s performance is to help them be better in their job, so make sure they are involved and that the indicators are the right ones!


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