The Importance of Coaching


Have you ever wonder about the importance of coaching? No, don’t think about sports; think about coaching in business.

What happens when someone has a problem? Upon circumstances, either the direct boss or Human Resources takes care of it. When the problem is solved, everybody continues with their lives as usual. How to prevent that situation won’t be repeated again?

Imagine what could happen if the staff was trained in coaching and they could solve their problems on their own…sounds good, right? Well, that’s coaching: helping people to learn how they can solve their own problems and improve their performance. Yes, it is also, helping others to unlock their own potential, to become self-aware.

It has been proven that the biggest obstacle to success is internal. Have you ever lived: being in a meeting, think of an idea that could solve the problem the company is facing…but you hesitate to say it…until you hear it from one of your colleagues and your boss congratulate that person? Why didn’t you say it?

With proper coaching you may get the answer because asking the right questions will make you think, be aware, reflect…get to the real cause. Imagine unlocking all your staff potential! New skills would be developed, dialogue would flow, goals would be achieved and performance would be boosted.

Coaching is so important that the leaders of your company should have it as part of their style in leadership. The key factors to do it are: learn to listen, ask the right questions, be reliable. Here is something important to keep in mind: when people discover how they can solve something by themselves they are more likely to engage in doing it, rather than when someone tells them what to do.


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