The on demand talent


Which is the on-demand talent that companies need? Coronavirus has also changed the skills we need to work. Here are some...


on demand talent


  1. Adaptability: Forget about the way we used to work; employees are doing new tasks that they never imagined. Companies have changed even their own core business to adapt to the new environment; for example, Tesla, Ford, and General Motors are producing ventilators. Thus, a person who can adapt easily and quickly to circumstances is key for any business. If the circumstances are changing so rapidly, companies need employees who can be at the same rhythm in order to prevent risks, problems.

  2. Emotional intelligence: If this was a “most” skill, now is in the top. The ability to manage one’s own emotions as well as the others is important to work within a company, as a team. If driven by emotions an employee won’t be productive, neither be able to connect with others or solve problems.

  3. Critical thinking: Employees, who can objectively evaluate information, interpret it, determine if it’s credible and come up with a solution will be an essential asset for any company. Since truthful information is indispensable for timely and effective decision-making.

  4. Creativity: Which companies are going to succeed? Those that have creative employees; coming up with new products, services, ways to deliver and work. For this to work, companies must encourage their employees to speak up and listen more carefully to them.

If you pay attention these skills are only for people; they can’t be done by robots or artificial intelligence. That’s why employees are the best and most important asset any company can have.


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Monica Ramirez Chimal

By Mónica Ramírez Chimal - International Speaker & Trainer, Writer, Consultant-Partner at Asserto RSC

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